Justin Renzella

Justin is a second generation Watertown resident. Born and raised in Watertown to parents who shared the same upbringing, Justin graduated from Watertown High School in 2007. He went on to study Business Management and History at Northeastern University, graduating in 2012. During his time at Northeastern Justin spent a significant amount of time living and traveling abroad. He spent most of his time in Portugal but roamed all over Europe. Since graduating, Justin has remained close to Watertown; he is currently an Account Executive at Mimecast, a Cloud Email Provider, on Pleasant Street in Watertown.

Justin is an avid Boston sports fan, and one of his greatest life accomplishments is not having lost a wiffle ball game during his entire 20 year career. Justin was once given the opportunity to take batting practice at Fenway Park. He hit a ball 375 feet to dead center that would have cleared the Monster had he pulled it. There have been rumors that he was then approached by a scout for the team who wanted him to try out at Spring Training, but Justin’s dedication to his work and the city of Watertown led him to turn down the offer.

Benjamin Darsigny
Director of Communications

Ben grew up in Newtonville just a few miles from the Watertown line. After working his way through the Newton Public School system he moved on to Providence College where he became fast friends with Ken Woodland. After graduating from Providence as an English major with a Philosophy minor, Ben found his way into the world of software sales at Mimecast in Watertown. He has been there for four years now and has climbed to the role of Mid-Market Regional Sales Executive for New England. After living in Newton and then the Fenway area for a few years after college, Ben moved to Watertown with his fiancée Nonie Lane in November of 2014, officially becoming a resident of a community he has been familiar with and admired for years.

Ben loves to travel and has been to dozens of countries on three different continents. Always up for a unique adventure, he has bungee jumped off a cliff in Mexico as well as off of a bridge at the base of Victoria Falls in Zambia. He has hiked across a glacier in Iceland to see the Northern Lights and has spent time living on a boat on the canals of the English countryside. As much as Ben enjoys being abroad, he says that coming home is the best part of any trip.

Mary Bogan

Mary Bogan is a graduate of Providence College, class of 2011, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She comes to Watertown from New Jersey, she fell in love with Watertown after spending time there in her post-graduate life and relocated there permanently in 2014. Giving back to her community has always been a large part of Mary’s life, and she is continuing that dedication by attending Boston University’s Graduate School to earn a Master of Social Work degree. While that might be more than enough to take up most people’s time, Mary is also working full time at the organization Youth Villages as a Clinical Supervisor in the Transitional Living Program.

In her limited free time Mary enjoys going to the beach and being on the water. In the past she has even worked on boats in New Jersey as a summer job. She continues to get to the beach whenever she can during the summer. She is also a fan of classic rock and the Rolling Stones in particular. She has seen them in concert three times and hopes to increase that count in the near future.

Steven M. Woodland
Co-Founder and Vice President

Steven was born and raised in Watertown and has been a resident for 27 years. He worked his way through the Watertown Public Schools, graduating from Watertown High in 2005 before attending college at Bridgewater State. Steven tested a few different careers before dedicating himself to the community and youth of Watertown as the Senior Custodian at Watertown Hosmer Elementary School. He is always looking for ways to improve Watertown and the lives of its residents, which is what led him to put the time and effort into co-founding Watertown Prosperity with his brother Ken.

As the oldest of the three Woodland brothers, Steven is the heir to the Woodland household and was the first to receive the shared middle name of Michael, things he reminds his brothers of regularly. Steven married Laura Hynes in 2013, and was also the first of the Woodland children to tie the knot. Steven is an avid dog lover, something that developed out of a former childhood fear of dogs, and he and Laura have a puggle.

Kenneth Woodland
Co-Founder and President 

Ken is a lifelong resident of Watertown, and he is very active in the Watertown community. Ken belongs to a number of local organizations whose goals are the betterment of the town, Watertown Prosperity included. After spending his entire pre-college career in the Watertown Public Schools where he was a leader of the student body and many WHS sports teams, Ken attended Providence College and earned a B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in Community Service and Public Administration. Ken graduated in 2011 then worked at a few businesses in the Watertown community while attending law school at New England Law Boston. Ken is currently a civil litigation attorney practicing through eastern Massachusetts.

As a result of his chosen career path and many accomplishments, Ken has spent quite a bit of time in professional settings. Despite that fact, he only recently learned how to tie a necktie at the age of 24, a great relief to his friends and family members who had been doing it for him for years. His accomplishments might also lead you to conclude that he is a competitive person, and he is. Nowhere else is this more apparent than on the golf course. One of Ken’s lifelong ambitions, in addition to beating everyone he steps on the course with, is to sink a hole-in-one. He’s come close a few times, but it still eludes him for now.

Meet The Board

Salvatore Cacciatore

Director of Technology

Like many of our board members Sal grew up in Watertown, and, except for a few years during and after college, has lived there his whole life. He worked his way through every stage of the Watertown Public School system; from Lowell Elementary through Watertown Middle and High Schools. In high school he represented Watertown admirably on the hockey and football teams. Sal then attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he studied Electrical Engineering, graduating in 2012. His degree has served him well, as he is now an Engineer with the prestigious firm Liberty Mutual.

Not satisfied with his day to day work, Sal is also an entrepreneur. He started a company called Yardies that develops and sells lawn games and outdoor products. While still in the fledgling stages, the company is off to a great start and shows tremendous promise. It has already garnered interest from investors, and he is looking to expand operations in the coming year. Sal brings that same creativity and drive to everything he does, and Watertown Prosperity is no exception.