Mission Statement:

The mission of Watertown Prosperity, Inc. is simple.  We identify needs in the Watertown community and then develop and implement programming to meet those needs.

Watertown Prosperity, Inc. is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates completely for charitable purposes.

We work collaboratively with many local social service organizations as well as business and town departments to serve Watertown to the best of our ability.


Watertown Prosperity, Inc. has historically been involved in four primary initiatives every year.

1.  Snow Shoveling Assistance for Elderly and/or Disabled Watertown Residents 
2.  Watertown High School Scholarships 
3.  Watertown Relay for Life 
4.  "Flagging Cancer"

To learn more about these programs, find out how to sign up for assistance, or get involved please visit the "Initiatives" section of our website.